Our firm has taken up the cause of sexually abused and innocent children since the emergence of this national scandal in the 1990s. The movie “Spotlight” highlights the national scandal of clergy sex abuse in the Boston Archdiocese. It was during that same time Ronald P. Weil was championing the rights of clergy abuse victims in Florida who were victimized by known pedophiles transferred from diocese to diocese to new and unsuspecting children and their families.

Beginning with a nationally publicized trial on Court TV resulting in a $6.7 million jury verdict, Weil and his firm now set the standard as compassionate and fierce advocates for the victims of this horrible national tragedy in our churches and schools.

The Los Angeles and Miami based firm has taken on the clergy abuse scandals in the Catholic Church as well as less publicized but equally horrific crimes committed by ministers of other denominations and sects. Our clients are children as well as grown men and women victimized as children. We have won million dollar settlements on behalf of traumatic amnesia victims of sexual abuse—adults so traumatized by the abuse they suffered as children that the memory of the abuse had been suppressed.


Ronald (Ron) Weil is nationally known as a commentator regarding clergy sex abuse scandals on CNN and MSNBC TV and national media outlets such the New York Times and Time Magazine.

Our commitment to each case and compassion for each victim is reflected in our results. We know the life changing impact on a child when the abuser is a trusted religious leader, teacher, family member, or medical professional. Worse still, we know that the institutions that have failed to screen or properly supervise their teachers, priests or ministers, will deny all responsibility to the victim or their families. We have successfully taken on these institutions for the last 20 years.

Through committed advocacy, sexual predators in the clergy, the medical profession, the schools, colleges and universities have been identified and then prosecuted. In the process of winning multi-million dollar settlements from the institutions responsible, the institutions have been changed and other potential sex abuse victims spared.

In 2014, Ron Weil and Mary Olszewska won a $12.5 million jury award against a regional church on behalf of a young victim of sexual abuse. It is one of the largest awards in the United States for a single victim of sexual abuse. This landmark award was featured in National Law Journal’s Big Money Wins 2014 issue.

If you or a family member is a victim of sexual abuse, we will explain your rights and the legal process. The consultation is completely confidential.


Our attorneys are based in Miami and Los Angeles and we represent sexual abuse victims throughout the United States.

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