Rock Hill Herald Online Covers WSSR’s Lawsuit Filed Against Nissan

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Rock Hill Herald Online covered Weil, Snyder, Schweikert & Ravindran P.A.‘s recent news about their Federal class action lawsuit against Nissan North America, Inc. that was filed on December 15th, 2014. The suit filed by Weil, Snyder, Schweikert & Ravindran P.A. alleges that when the 2013-2014 Nissan Pathfinder vehicles are “on acceleration from 15 to 30 mph, the vehicles are subjected to unexpected shaking and violent jerking (“juddering” or “shuddering”), preventing the vehicles from accelerating.

The article also states that “Nissan concealed and knowingly sold and leased vehicles with the dangerously defective transmissions, and through its dealers failed to honor express and implied warranties to repair and replace the dangerously defective transmissions. Instead, the 77-page lawsuit claims, consumers’ complaints were delayed, deflected, and ultimately denied.”

The Consumer Class Action Complaint seeks the excess of the sum or value of $5 million.

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