We are the firm of choice for results-oriented clients. Our trial attorneys have well-deserved reputations as leading lawyers championing complex cases including:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Foreign corporations
  • Foreign nationals
  • Civic leaders
  • Business leaders
  • Mid-level enterprises
  • New business owners

The right people, the right strategy and expert execution is our success formula. Our trial attorneys have handled complex business matters for clients all over the world. Leading corporations and individuals trust our legal judgment on matters that could bankrupt them with one wrong move.

It’s not about settling, it’s about winning. Our team has the ultimate advantage in litigation due to our breadth and depth of experience. Being able to see cases from both sides gives us great leverage when representing clients.

Over the last 30 years, established businesses and entrepreneurs have turned to us to defend and champion their rights. We have successfully recovered and repatriated rewards for our clients since our firm’s inception. Rewards include millions of dollars stolen and traced to our shores. We have recovered millions of dollars for a multi-national firm responsible for the construction of the Miami Metrorail. In one of the largest verdicts in the United States in 2005, a Florida jury awarded $37 million to our client, a prominent Florida businessman, wrongly defamed. We have taken on an established and prominent Miami sports figure in a well-publicized two-week trial seeking $12 million, which was resolved during the jury’s deliberations.

Peerless advocacy coupled with meticulous preparation are the foundations of our practice.

When it’s all on the line, every move matters. That’s when we get the call.

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