Complaints Against Makers of Herbal and Nutritional Supplements

John M. Quaranta, trial lawyer at Weil, Snyder, Schweikert & Ravindran P.A., was quoted in a February 20th, 2015 article in regards to the growing number of lawsuits filed against the marketers of herbal/nutritional supplements. The article “Statistics Show Significant Rise in Federal Complaints Against Makers of Nutritional Supplements,” discusses the increase in complaints due to claims that natural substances can provide health benefits.

The law firms Weil, Snyder, Schweikert & Ravindran P.A. of Miami and Los Angeles and Babbitt and Johnson of West Palm Beach recently filed a federal class action suit against General Nutrition Corporation, alleging deception in the herbal supplement market.

“When products are not what they purport to be, the producer and seller deserve to be held accountable,” said Quaranta in the nutritional supplement article. He added, “Not only did the defendants’ herbal supplements fail to contain the ingredients they were represented to contain, they contained a variety of other materials that were not disclosed by the defendants, thus, putting the health of their customers at risk”.

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