CBS Miami Covers Lumber Formaldehyde Consumer Concerns

CBS Miami recently interviewed Joaquin Padillas of South Florida who couldn’t live any longer with the flooring that covered the stairs, bedroom and den of his home. Padillas watched a 60 Minutes report on a type of laminated flooring sold at Lumber Liquidators -where he bought his flooring. After learning more about the potential toxic levels of formaldehyde in his home, he didn’t want to live with it a minute longer.

Many South Florida families became terrified and had many sleepless nights wondering what was in their air due to their floors. Padillas purchased and ran a home test then tore out the wood veneer flooring with his bare hands, as detailed in a lawsuit he has filed contained toxic levels of formaldehyde a known carcinogen. You can watch the interview below.

“Your home is your sanctuary. You feel you are in a safe place. When you’re breathing toxic air. It’s not a good feeling,” said Padillas.

The 60 Minutes report highlighted concerns by consumers around the country who joined together in a class action lawsuit over levels of formaldehyde allegedly contained in particularly product lines made in China.

Attorney John Quaranta of Weil, Snyder, Schweikert & Ravindran P.A. in Miami, represents Mr. Padillas. He was interviewed by CBS Miami and said, “As soon as the 60 Minutes report came out they (consumers) looked at their receipts and became petrified.”

According to the suit: formaldehyde can cause cancer, asthma, chronic respiratory irritation, and other ailments including breathing problems. The one day test of Padillas house showed high levels of formaldehyde. Since the flooring was installed over a year ago, Padillas and his wife have suffered from headaches and breathing problems.

Read the 16-page lawsuit here. Concerned consumers who bought wood veneer flooring or any of the products listed above should email Kristine Rodriguez at or call her directly at 305-372-5352.