When it’s all on the line, every move matters.
That’s when we get the call.


Our judgment is the key to successful results.

Weil, Snyder, Schweikert & Ravindran P.A. represents successful clients who are faced with issues that could break their business with one wrong move or negatively affect the continued success of their business with the wrong strategy. The results obtained in calculated commercial advice, landmark trial victories, and superior settlements illustrate the value of our judgment and the strength of our commitment to the end game.

We know both sides.

In complex litigation, our versatile perspective gives our clients the right edge. Each member of our team has played a key role in a wide variety of legal arenas on both sides of the dispute. Knowing how the opponent thinks at critical stages of litigation and trial is an essential part of our success.

The courtroom is our muse.

With creative and effective trial advocacy, we are the game changer. We are known for challenging routine assumptions, conventions, and norms with carefully honed trial and litigation strategies. We understand that our clients entrust us with significant and complex problems which may threaten their security and their future. So we carefully listen, question, and analyze. Then we execute with sophisticated legal writing and peerless trial advocacy. Quite simply, our goal line is the end result. Getting there always requires that we test and probe assumed facts or conventional legal theories and strategies. It’s what sets us apart.

In a case that matters, every decision counts. It starts with whom you choose to represent you.

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